A Church Like The One Jesus Built

       The heart of Northwest Baptist Church in Houston is to be Christ-like in word and deed. Our aim is to first please Him for this is His church, not ours.

       We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. It is our guide and final authority in all matters. We believe the King James Bible is still the best English translation, and we use it in our church.

Our desire to please Him moves us to preach His Word, not just about His Word. Yes, we believe in proper exegesis and expository biblical preaching. Furthermore, we believe in preaching with heart and passion. If you like Bible preaching, Northwest Baptist Church is the place for you.

Our heart to please Him moves us to choose music that magnifies Him. It may or may not be new. Does it exalt Christ and move hearts toward Him is our standard. Not always, but most of the time we sing from the church hymnal. Our goal is to always give our best to the Lord; we never want our music to be a mere performance. We do not view music as entertainment; to us it is worship of our great God. Over here it’s okay to sing with joy from the bottom of your heart.

We want people to meet God in every service at Northwest Baptist Church. There is a great spirit of reverence combined with liberty in this church. You can sense His presence in the services and know that He has spoken to you through the sermons. We say, “Amen.” It is okay to shed tears of conviction and joy in this place, and it is okay to line the front with bended knee at our invitation time.

All of our children’s workers have been screened and trained. We have lots of safeguards in place to protect our children and we view them as our greatest assets in this church. Our nursery is clean and our children’s ministries are Christ-centered. We are not a large church with a big youth ministry, but we are working to make ours truly effective in reaching young people for Christ. We are committed to Christian apologetics.

There’s lots of love at Northwest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. We admit that we’re not perfect, but our goal is routine excellence. More than anything else we want to be a church just like Jesus built in Jerusalem, Israel. We’re not trying to be like the world, we’re trying to be like Christ. We want the world’s unsaved people to know that there is a better way. We love people and will do all within our power to bring them to Jesus Christ who alone can change their lives for the better.

Good music, good preaching, lots of love, a spirit of excellence! Not a bad combination. Northwest Baptist Church of Houston, Texas is a little oasis of real, biblical Christianity.

  • We welcome the opportunity to help you become a Christian (One-on-one lessons available)
  • The Bible is our guide and final rule of faith and practice
  • It Does Make A Difference What You Believe
  • We Invite You To Be Our Guest